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Yoga with Sam

Yoga Trapeze Classes

Yoga Trapeze Classes


Braywick Nature Centre

Yoga Trapeze classes are an excellent strength workout for all flexibility levels!

Mat based classes are great but there is no pull action. This is so important for building posterior chain strength…a fancy way of saying back body strength. We all need this as we spend so much time over-stretching our back and neck muscles by leaning forward over our computers and devices!

Trapeze classes are great for relieving back pain. Not only because they build back body strength but the inversions help to lengthen out the spine. Even after just one class, if you’ve managed to go upside down for a few minutes it’s enough time to gain traction on your spine and decompress the pressure that’s been causing you back pain.

The fabric of the trapeze is made of the same material as a parachute and the entire trapeze line has been weight tested to support up to 350 pounds. You might encounter a pose or two you are not comfortable attempting to first. Then don’t do it!

You will notice that even the most difficult poses are taken in steps. Do all the steps you are comfortable doing and you just may end up doing something you didn’t think you were capable of! 😁

Classes are on Mondays and Thursdays from 6.15pm to 7.45pm until March 20th when the schedule will change.

Places are limited to just 10 per class and all classes can be booked here

If you leave a review here after your class as a thank you we will send you a £5 discount to use on your next class 😊