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Next Postgrad Workshops - Understanding Fascia with Joanne Avison


If you’ve not heard about Joanne, she is the author of the ground-breaking book Yoga: Fascia, Anatomy and Movement


The Anatomy Basic Course (Foundation) is being made available in a modular format.

This course is a practical bridge to understanding the basics of 21st Century Anatomy (of fascia, biotensegrity and all the body bits) within the new science of Body Architecture. It is for movement professionals working with real living bodies, making sense of human motion in gravity.

How do we translate the knowledge of anatomy and living, moving architecture to the actual people that come into our classes and treatment rooms, so that we can help them to move better in class?

This question is asked every session and answers given in take-away exercises and nuggets of wisdom.

Each session is 6-hours of lecture, discussion and practical application in a small, intimate group of fascinated and curious movement professionals.

This first series begins with three basic sessions as a bedrock foundation training to applying anatomy in your movement practice. Joanne will cover the principle of fascial architecture leading to understanding biotensegrity so we understand the body wide logic.

There will be one session per month:
from 9am to 5pm on a Saturday.
(This includes two 30-minute breaks with light refreshments served and an hour for lunch).

This pilot modular course will be at the special price of £150 per Saturday session, as a discount on the full price of £240 per session.

There are 12 places on this course, exploring the frequency and length of the sessions with this group, in return for your detailed feedback.

Simple, fun, informative and interactive!! We may film some of the course.

Dates are: 

3 November 2018

8 December 2018

19 January 2019

Braywick Nature Centre, Hibbert Road, SL6 1UU

In advance.

Each session includes a 6 hour CPD certificate.

Please call or email me  if you have any questions and/or would like to book your place.

Hope you can join us for this groundbreaking training course!