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Yoga with Sam

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Yoga with Sam
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by Isabelle on Yoga with Sam

I have been enjoying your classes so much that I was worried they would end soon. You are such a creative teacher 😘😘💖💖💖

by Juliet on Yoga with Sam

I’ve been really enjoying your classes, especially as I have only joined since these virtual times. Before lockdown, my yoga practice was quite all over the place mainly going to classes when I could fit them in, but attending you classes weekly has given me a different understanding of yoga in general and I’ve also been enjoying how the weekly themes offer something different and also build on existing practice. I feel as though my strength and development are improving as a result.

by Christyn on Yoga with Sam

Online classes with Sam are great anchor points in my week. Lovely to be welcomed by Sam and see faces I recognise from past retreats in the virtual class.

Feel thoroughly worked out and soothed after a session! Highly recommend - five stars.

by Kelly on Yoga with Sam

I absolutely love your classes and I always look forward to them online or face to face!

They are a good mix of being challenging as well as relaxing and your extensive knowledge of both the body and mind suits me better than any yoga instructor I've been to before. The classes are also light-hearted with great people.....all in all, a highlight of my week. Thank you!!

by Emma on Yoga with Sam

Sam was my first yoga teacher, some 18 years ago. I moved away and then found her again during Covid-19 lock down and was so privileged to be able to join her classes virtually. As well as Sam's in-depth of knowledge of yoga, she inspires her class and gives confidence to all her students. She truly cares about everyone. I always feel so vitalised yet calm after Savasana with Sam, and she truly is one of the most phenomenal teachers I've worked with. Thank you Sam and never change!

by Sharna on Yoga with Sam

On-line classes with Sam are a fantastic addition to my week, they contain just the right amount of fun along with a good deal of challenge, thus allowing me to explore my practice further & working on areas that I would not necessarily do in my self-practice! I look forward to my weekly dose of Sam, even if it is early in the morning! A positive in these strange times, as had these classes not gone on-line I wouldn't have been able to take part 🙂

by Natasha on Yoga with Sam

I first met Sam on one of her yoga and hiking weekends – sadly, I live too far away to attend her regular classes so was delighted when she started offering them online! Her focus on posture and technique, and the way in which postures are gradually built on throughout class, mean that I always come away feeling like I’ve learnt something new to bring to my practice!

by Bea on Yoga with Sam

I have been looking forward to my class with Sam each Thursday morning. It's great that I have the chance to practice with Sam from the comforts of my home. Her classes are strong, fun, full of inspiration and she gives some great insights while teaching. Definitely recommend them!

by Catherine on Yoga with Sam

I enjoy the classes tremendously as always.
Love that it is never the same class..
always a good mix of build up and relax
that you ask us what we want to focus on so it is tailored
generally the spirit and energy that flows
that you are thinking of what we need in those crazy times and adjust to the class

by Kathy on Yoga with Sam

I feel very privileged to have found Sam as my yoga teacher. ( in fact sharing this on social media is not my idea of a great move because I don’t want everyone to find her!!!) She has exceptional knowledge, intelligence and understanding of yoga and all it entails. We are not just going through the motions ( or poses) but rooting out energy and strength from the deepest place within our cells . I feel very strong, toned, flexible and calm after having started with Sam two years ago. Privileged and happy. 🙏

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