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Yoga with Sam

Balancing Flexibility and Strength for more Grace and Ease On & Off your Yoga Mat

Yoga explores many ways of creating more freedom in the muscles and joints allowing us to feel more spacious and supple.

As much as we enjoy creating flexibility in these poses, if we don’t balance this growing flexibility with strength and endurance, we can ultimately create a loss of integrity and stability in the joints and ligaments.

In this workshop you will enjoy a variety of standing poses, hip and hamstring openers, arm balances and  a sprinkling of inversions that will explore strength along with expansion to facilitate overall integrity for the musculoskeletal system. This will leave you feeling both steady and supple, open and centered and give you a greater sense of appreciation for what it means to be both strong and flexible.

Join us if you would like to unlock power and freedom in your postures, learn the biomechanics to safely and intelligently access deeper poses and have a serious amount of fun along the way!

Date: Saturday 25th April
Time: 2pm to 5pm
Venue: The Cass Centre, Cambridge
Cost: £30

Places are limited to 16. Please RSVP to reserve your place!