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Yoga with Sam


Sam teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga, a flowing, dynamic style of yoga linking breath with movement to build strength and stamina whilst improving flexibility and balance. Sam’s classes are both challenging and fun. Her aim is to guide you on a journey into your body where you will discover new strengths, mobility, increased mental clarity and confidence.

Eka Hasta Bhujasana (Elephant\'s Trunk Pose)

Private Tuition

Private sessions are a wonderful way to practice yoga at your pace with a detailed focus on your personal needs. Together, we will structure a programme that can be both challenging and restorative. We will build a strong foundation to encourage healthy posture, increased strength and range of motion, and balance for the body and mind.


About Sam

Sam was born in South Africa where she grew up with a passion for sports and the outdoors. She was raised with Indian philosophical teachings and her desire for both spiritual and physical development led her to the practise of Hatha yoga. However it was the combination of movement with breath whilst creating heat, strength and flexibility that got her hooked on Ashtanga yoga and creative Vinyasa Flow.


Yoga Workshops

Monthly in-depth workshops take place at Braywick Nature Centre. Please contact Sam for full details and to book your place.